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SolarGuard™ Bug Zapper - Ultimate Outdoor Mosquito Control

SolarGuard™ Bug Zapper - Ultimate Outdoor Mosquito Control

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Enjoy peaceful evenings in your yard without the nuisance of mosquitoes with the Norvure SolarGuard Bug Zapper. This innovative and efficient mosquito killer lamp is perfect for patios, gardens, and pathways, ensuring a bug-free environment while providing reliable lighting.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Mosquito Elimination: The Norvure SolarGuard Bug Zapper uses advanced purple light waves to attract mosquitoes and other flying insects. Once lured, they are instantly eliminated by the high-voltage power grid, ensuring a mosquito-free zone.
  • Safety Net Design: Each bug zapper is equipped with a dense safety net to prevent accidental contact with the high-voltage grid, making it safe for use around children and pets.
  • Automatic Operation: Featuring a built-in light sensor, the Norvure SolarGuard Bug Zapper automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. This one-click operation makes it easy to use, providing effortless mosquito control.
  • Solar-Powered Efficiency: The bug zapper is powered by solar energy, making it eco-friendly and cost-effective. Simply install it in a sunny location to fully charge the device and enjoy uninterrupted mosquito control.
  • Durable and Weatherproof: Made from high-quality ABS and stainless steel, the Norvure SolarGuard Bug Zapper is built to withstand various weather conditions. Its waterproof design ensures long-lasting performance in any outdoor setting.
  • Easy Installation: For optimal results, dig a small hole before inserting the zapper into the ground. Make sure to let it bask in the sun for two days before first use to ensure it is fully charged.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for a variety of outdoor settings, including patios, yards, gardens, and pathways, the Norvure SolarGuard Bug Zapper provides reliable mosquito control and lighting, enhancing your outdoor experience.

Why Choose Norvure?

At Norvure, we are dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality solutions for your outdoor needs. The SolarGuard Bug Zapper is designed to offer efficient mosquito control and lighting, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor spaces comfortably and safely.


  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel
  • Size: 19.6" x 3"
  • Power: Solar Power
  • Operation: One-click with built-in light sensor
  • Package Includes: 2 Pcs SolarGuard Bug Zapper

How to Use:

  1. Install the Zapper: Dig a small hole and insert the zapper into the ground in a sunny location.
  2. Charge the Device: Before the first use, let the zapper bask in the sun for two days to ensure it is fully charged.
  3. Activate the Zapper: Flip the switch to activate the device. The built-in light sensor will automatically control the operation.

Keep your outdoor spaces free from mosquitoes and other annoying insects with the Norvure SolarGuard Bug Zapper. Order your 2-pack today and enjoy a bug-free environment all season long!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We take pride in providing you with high-quality products. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of delivery and we will gladly ensure any issue is resolved to your utmost satisfaction or give you a full refund.

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