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NomadNest™ - Portable Baby Travel Bassinet

NomadNest™ - Portable Baby Travel Bassinet

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Traveling with your little one has never been easier with the Norvure Nomad Nest, a versatile and portable baby travel bassinet designed for parents on the go. This foldable carry bag bassinet offers the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and convenience, ensuring your baby enjoys a restful sleep no matter where you are. With its thoughtful design and essential features, the Norvure Nomad Nest is your ultimate travel companion.

Key Features:

  • Easy Fold and Go: The Norvure Nomad Nest effortlessly transforms into a compact backpack, making it incredibly easy to carry and store. Enjoy hassle-free travel as you bring your baby’s cozy sleeping space wherever you go.
  • Comfort-First Design: Prioritize your baby’s comfort with a thick, soft pad and essential accessories like a pillow, pee pad, cooling mat, and an extra pillow. The Norvure Nomad Nest ensures your baby sleeps comfortably, providing peace of mind for you.
  • Safe Co-Sleeping Bed: Featuring an innovative 'Baby Bassinet in Bed' design, this co-sleeper includes a raised hard barrier to prevent accidental pressure, ensuring your baby’s safety during sleep. Enjoy restful nights knowing your baby is secure.
  • Breathable and Protective: Equipped with a unique 2-in-1 sunshade and mosquito net, this bassinet protects your baby from direct sunlight and pesky insects while ensuring proper airflow. Keep your baby safe and comfortable in any environment.
  • Versatile Usage: The Norvure Nomad Nest adapts seamlessly to various settings, whether you're traveling, relaxing in the living room, or in the bedroom. This versatile bassinet brings a sense of familiarity and comfort, making it indispensable for your baby’s needs.
  • Foldable Design for Easy Storage: Transform the bassinet into a stylish and functional mommy bag, eliminating the need for multiple bags and streamlining your travel experience.
  • Secure and Stable: Featuring a tent fixing button, this bassinet provides a stable sleep environment for your baby. The easy setup and reliable support offer peace of mind during your travels.
  • Soft and Cushioned Bedding: The soft and plush mattress creates a cozy sleeping surface, ensuring your baby’s comfort and promoting restful sleep.

Why Choose Norvure?

At Norvure, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative products that enhance your parenting experience. The Norvure Nomad Nest is a testament to our commitment to safety, comfort, and convenience, offering reliable solutions for on-the-go parents.


  • Material: High-quality, breathable fabric with a soft, cushioned mattress
  • Folded Size: Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • Unfolded Size: Spacious enough to accommodate babies from 0-12 months
  • Included Accessories: Pillow, pee pad, cooling mat, extra pillow, sunshade, mosquito net, USB-C charging cable
  • Weight: Lightweight design for effortless carrying

Ensure your baby enjoys a comfortable and safe sleep wherever you go with the Norvure Nomad Nest. Embrace the convenience of portable comfort and make every journey a breeze. Order your Norvure Nomad Nest today and travel with confidence!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We take pride in providing you with high-quality products. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 30 days of delivery and we will gladly ensure any issue is resolved to your utmost satisfaction or give you a full refund.

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